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11. February 2008 · Write a comment · Categories: old blog · Tags: ,

[Appy polly logies for any cross postings, oh my brothers…..]

A fierce wind and 550 acres of trees has left me without power at Ye Olde Boat Museum today – and hence I am a curator in exile, forced to eke out a historical existence at Panera.

Things could definitely be worse.

It struck me the other day that I have lost all sense of time. Well – I should amend that. I have lost all sense of time unless said item appears on my Outlook calendar. Which apparently means I need to schedule updates to this and other online haunts along with my laundry and other important things. Luckily Jim and the kitties are all good at reminding me that they – and I – need to eat, though I must say that Scylla has them all beat for volume.

My new job started at the first of the year. Same Olde Boat Museum, but new office and more staff. The office is interesting in that it was cobbled into existence many years ago out of a hallway and a loading dock. It appears that my desk is situated exactly where the gentle slope into the loading dock began. The first few days I thought maybe I had labryinthitis or had accidentally imbibed some fermented diet Coke because I kept listing to port. To compound the issue, My chair would slowly – imperceptibly – roll back from the desk and I found myself attempting to rappel back to my computer. And don’t get me started on what happens if I lift my feet off the ground…..

Let’s just say that it is very difficult to maintain an air of authority when one’s chair is slowly spinning of its own accord. Of course – my decor could not be less dignified, with solar powered Hello Kittys, pirate paraphernalia, and Aleister Crowley quotations littered about.

So it’s been a bit busy then, it seems, and I’ve been playing with so many different web applications and 2.0 goodies for work that my own little corner of the blogosphere has gone to radio silence. I’m not happy about that, so perhaps though the world will little note, nor remember what I write here, I’ll pledge on this – the eve of Abraham Lincoln’s birthday – to do better.