I’m sitting somewhere in Gainesville, Florida at the moment – watching Ricky Martin gyrate on the telly and wondering exactly why any restaurant would sell wine in a pitcher…but am very glad they did.

Tomorrow should be interesting. We’re going to a warehouse where the forward section of the casemate of the CSS Virginia is taking shape. I should be home before dinner.

I’m very excited – but nervous – about seeing it. This is going to be one of the signature parts of the exhibition and I figure if I’m completely blown away by it – our visitors will be as well.

Guru, Ms. Dallydo – I want this to be so freakin’ awesome so that when y’all make a road trip down my way – you’ll be bowled over by the wonder of it all. Raven72d – I want it to be absolutely accurate for you – so when you see it (and you have to, you know….the trains come this way and Stoneman hasn’t raided them in many a year…)you know that it’s…well…perfect.

Dublingirl will need to wear her Zouave sleeves when she visits so that it can be populated with those who have appropriate attire (and she simply must bring the family).

It has to be right for all of you.

So I’m nervous.

But these guys aren’t just good – they’re the best at what they do. If you want a gigantic piece of an ironclad recreated in your gallery – or living room for that matter – they can do it.

I’ll keep all y’all posted…..


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