The spaces between entries are getting too long to suit me….

But it’s once again been non-stop – which I guess I should be used to by now.

But a quick update – this past week I was sworn in as an advisory member of everybody’s favourite National Marine Sanctuary – which was really cool and a true honour. All of us newly sworn advisors got to celebrate with a cruise on a schooner on the Elizabeth River. Luckily – we came back to port just before the worst rain storm I’ve ever been in this side of a hurricane hit. But all was well.

That was followed by our annual curatorial competition on Friday night – which Lester and I won without resorting to curatorial guerilla tactics (usually stickers saying ‘de-accession me’ strategically stuck to one’s back or bum when one isn’t looking). We presented a group of letters from a Monitor crewman – which the museum now owns – yay!

Saturday I drove to see Dublingirl and family for Miss Clare’s first communion! She was an absolute beauty in her white gown and veil. We went back to the house for a big barbecue party and then hung out with friends until it was late. Clare and I had a slumber party in the living room and then Officer Harmon woke us up with the best pancakes I’ve ever tasted! Drove back in time for mother’s day in Williamsburg and a few hours sleep before the big Board of Trustees retreat. Whew!

In the midst of it all I discovered SecondLife, though I must admit I’ve spent most of my time running away from men in skimpy underwear and sitting by myself in cathedrals full of little wooden boxes.


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