It’s been a blur.

We’ve been gearing up for the christening of the Monitor replica for months, now. Long meetings. Logistics that would make anyone see double. And site preparations that are moving at a frenzied pace.

But tomorrow – we shall christen her. And for two brief hours – anyone who wants to can go on board. It will be the last time we’ll have her open to the public til we open the doors on March 9, 2007 (though if any of you are in the area before that – just let me know….because then you won’t be ‘the public.’ You’ll be my VIP guest….)

Last night we had a wonderful gathering at Tom’s house where he celebrated the achievements of the folks who actually created the replica. It was a wonderful party and not a few tears were shed – though I’m quite sure for some of the men there it was merely something in their eye…

Today I took Fran and George and Janice (and I’m so thrilled they all could make it!!!) on a behind the scenes tour. It was fun seeing them all. I’ll see Bill and Len and maybe some other dear friends tomorrow. We watched our ship sponsor Nancy practice breaking the bottle – she’s so perfect for this. So beautiful, gentle, funny and kind. Just the kind of person whose spirit should imbue the replica.

Tonight we had the big fundraiser at our CEO’s house. I got to meet our guest of honor – Clive Cussler – who graciously signed a book for me (he said ‘Can I get you in trouble?’ to which I replied – ‘Sure! go for it!’ So he signed the book – ‘To Anna – We’ll always have Tahiti – Clive Cussler’). I also got to see some of my favourite people – like Cheryl and John from NOAA. A wonderful evening on the banks of the James.

Tomorrow is the big event. It will be non-stop for hours. I should probably stop now….



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