Is it possible to overprepare for something? I mean totally and completely and obsessively overprepare?

If so, then I have done it.

Tomorrow I’m being interviewed by the History Channel for the show Modern Marvels and in preparation I have stuffed my head so full of information about ironclads that I fear some important stuff may have fallen out.

You know – like my name and address and phone number and such?

Ah – but this is the kind of thing I love, though no doubt I will lose sleep over it tonight (will my alarm go off? will I say something stupid? will I have a wardrobe malfunction? will the car start? will my alarm go off? will there be food? what if I don’t remember something important, like who won the Civil War or something like that? maybe I should set 2 more alarms….)

So – my head is reeling with information and visions of monitors and casemates and rams and tin-clads and Davids and such are hovering around my periphery like so many ferrous little moths.

Somehow, I have to work in a poem written by one of the Virginia‘s crew in the months following the Battle of Hampton Roads in March 1862. The two ironclads glared at each other from across the Roads, but never fought one another again. You can imagine the frustration….

Supra mud-flattibus
Monitoribus juggatibus
Non est come-attibus

Ahh….a little faux Latin humour for a Friday. Let’s hope I can remember it tomorrow!


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