We have now officially made it through the second annual Battle of Hampton Roads Weekend.

I spent the two weeks before editing text, chasing down final images and talking to reporters, TV anchors and DJs. I have covered hundreds of miles doing this.

I am tired.

The weekend itself started at 6:45 am when I had to be on hand for a television interview. Most of the folks registered for the whole weekend went out on a boat tour of Hampton Roads with the groovy Mr. Q – me, I stayed at the museum. Friday night the exhibition officially opened – with a Civil War dance. The 97th Regimental String Band played and they were simply wonderful.

I did not dance. But I did dress up. Here’s me and Tracey as the “goober girls” – we haed cheeseboxes full of peanuts that we would offer to all and sundry.

By the way – the large thing behind Tracey’s head is the Monitor‘s propeller – which is also part of my exhibition. (I had a great time on Wednesday evening watching the conservators move this 2-ton itme into the Museum.)

The dance ended around 11 p.m. Then the whole thing started up again Saturday with a day full of lectures and an evening dinner with major donors and all the Civil War scholars. Another late night. Finally, on Sunday – we had another full day of speakers and programs, then a bit of decompression at the Crab Shack down on the James River.

All in all, I think I worked about 80 hours this week.

I’m still haven’t been able to comprehend that I just curated a major exhibition (with an incredible team of people, I might add). I mean – it’s kind of like publishing a book or something. I haven’t really had time to think about it. But now it’s out there for all to see.

Here’s the AP story on it.


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