So I’ve been in Montreal for the past several days – at a conference for museum techno geeks – and I’m still not sure what to make of the city.

When one is at a conference – particularly a technology conference – it is always hard to get a sense of place, especially since this conference has its rooms and its sessions in the same hotel. The first one I went to, a few years ago, was so completely connected with that city’s underground that I’m not sure I ever saw daylight. Here one has to at least walk out blinking into the sun in order to get to the underground… The second one of these I went to was very different and I came back not only full of ideas for our website, but with newly acquired ink on my arm. This time I’m guessing there will be no new ink in the offing, but no matter – there will be time, there will be time….

Conferences are about the sessions, no doubt. But they are also about the in-between places – the lobby, the hallway, the elevator, the exhibit hall. This one has been wonderful in that I have attended with two of my colleagues who I am privileged to call friends.

The fact that we spent the last hour drinking frosty adult beverages and spelling fellow staff members names out with pretzels only makes it that much better….. 🙂


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