Well – here I am at AAM in Philadelphia and am in the midst of a technology tutorial about Google mapping. I can see that this could be awfully darn cool for my historical visualization project and I’m just wondering if my volunteers would be interested in learning this?

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It seems as though I barely have time to think anymore – and just when I think things are slowing down they speed up exponentially.

I did bring some of it on myself – and willingly so. How could I not go to England, Scotland? While my credit card temporarily creaks under its new load of charges I will long be able to recall the experience of visiting the collections storage areas of the British Museum, the Victoria & Albert, the Glasgow School of Art, and the Chesterfield Museum…does it sound trite to say that those experiences were priceless? To walk the streets of Norwich with the man who has revitalized them, and to be ravished by the sounds of evensong in the cathedral on a perfectly crystalline night…to stay on a farm on the Duke of Devonshire’s estate…can one really quantify that in dollars and pence?

To see old friends in a foreign land – to be savaged by the gales on the Royal Mile and slip so easily back into the Babbity Bowster in Glasgow…to gaze at the North Sea, shed a tear in the village of Eyam, and be received by the Lord Mayor of Chesterfield…how could I not?

So I have been silent for a time…but with good reason.

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this pretty much says it all...

this pretty much says it all...

And so the adventure began.

Actually – it began on Friday evening with a relaxing train ride, a less than relaxing Metro experience, a bit of a walk and an elegant hotel. There was food – the finest grilled calamari I’d ever had – and wonderful company – nurses traveling to South Africa, a Psychologist/Jazz drummer and my old friend Stella.
And that was before the plane ride!
Met up with Margo, Debra, Audrey and Tracy at Reagan and flew to Toronto where we were able to relax a bit before the great Transatlantic trek. I was happy to be in YYZ – and must admit the Rush tune kept intruding upon my psyche for the duration of the time there – but soon we were off across the briny deep and landed at Heathrow, tired and full of giggles whilst we rode the Underground.

Ah well – must sign off for now – the London adventure continues shortly!